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To be done...

This page is a list of things that need to be restored on my car
  1. Car needs a full respray.
  2. A new wind screen is needed too as the old one is spitting.
  3. Front bumper has several cracks. Rubber trim on front needs to be renewed including metal bracked underneath. Some rubber parts may be restorable.
  4. There is paint on the right side triangular window under where the B-pillar cover is. There is also several paint stains on the rubber band running over the car either side.
  5. Side window frames need new paint and also have red stains from previous paint jobs.
  6. Panel in front of wind screen needs sanding and complete repaint.
  7. Passenger side door has a few small cracks that need to be repaired.
  8. There are a few extra holes for removed rivets on the side panel where the rear hatch handle is - these were made when it had to be removed to fix a broken cable to the hatch, I think.
  9. Rear spoiler (original prep-142) has a small crack - not sure if it should be fixed as spoiler looks good otherwise and it may be difficult to get the original surface.
  10. Rims need to be glass blasted and painted.

Some photos of specifics

Crack in the front bumper.

Another crack in the front bumper.

And one more...

And this is the fourth and last I think.

Passenger side door has a crack over the door handle.

This shows the state of the paint on the panel in front of the wind screen. Somebody has used incorrect type of paint or just not cleaned the surface well enough.

One of the not-so-pretty holes in the panel next ot the rear hatch opening handle.

The very small crack in the rear spoiler. Note that it looks quite good otherwise.

My son Troels likes the car too. Yes, the interior is actually quite good!

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