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Fitting Wipac standard 7 inch headlamps to Murena

I doubt if the original headlamps for Murena are available any more as new. Simon lists them, but it's probably old stock and they are quite expensive. I chose a cheaper option (what's saved is earnt) which was to fit a set of English 7" headlamps. 7 inches = 180 mm very exactly, so they are actually the same size as the originals, and in theory: When the cover comes over the mounting, noone will notice that they are not original.

Headlamp set from Wipac
Set of headlamps from Wipac. Yes!, one was broken when I received them, but my supplier helped me with a spare. The headlamps are for "halogen conversions" for older english cars and they look like they are good quality.

They are coupled with a frame that is mounted in the lamp unit on the Murena. The frame has one problem though, which is that it requires about 5 mm additional width all around the lamp unit. This is bad on the Murena, where the popup headlight cover extends just above the lamp unit, which means that there is no space for the frame on the top. The problem is actually quite serious as one of the adjustment screws are located right on the top, just where there is no space for it.

The end result is that the upper side of the frame is slightly bent forward as can be seen in the rightmost picture above. Still, I did do as much cutting of both the screw, the frame, and the stud that the screw screws into as I could. I could have chosen to offset the other sections of the frame with a spacer, but I chose to bend it since it's made of rather soft plastic. Note that it is not possible to drill a hole to accomodate the stud and adjustment screw, as that would go through the top of the cover!

Four holes are needed in the lamp housing - not that I have chosen to keep the original mountings should I come across a good set one day ;-)

Parts can be purchased directly from WIPAC

  • Reference 5669: 7" Open shell
  • Reference 4695B: 7" Wipac Quadoptic split beam lamps without pilot. (Part number is for LHD version).
Wipac headlamps fitted on the Matra Murena
And this is the end result!

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