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Murena electrics are simple, these notes discuss various modifications and improvements

Wiring Diagram
For my own use, I have started drawing a wiring diagram of the Murena in an eCad tool. This allows for documenting any changes and additions that I may make. This page contains the diagram for others to use, an the component library. This is WORK IN PROGRESS

Fitting Wipac standard 7 inch headlamps to Murena
I had to replace the headlams on my Murena since they did not pass the vehicle inspection and I chose to fit a set of standard english 7 inch headlamps. This proved a bit more difficult than I expected, but here I will share my experiences!

Driving lights
The Danish traffic rules require the use of driving lights at all times. This is the same in Sweden and Norway. This note discusses ways to implement that effectively.

Electrical fuel pump
An electrical fuel pump is an interesting alternative to the mechanical fuel pump for several reasons. This note discusses my experience with installing such a device.

Audio installation notes
There's very little space to make audio installation in the Murena. In these notes I document various experiences I have.

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