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Electronic Fuel Injection

Various notes and experiences on Electronic Fuel Injection and Digital Ignition Management for the Murena.

Digital Ignition with MegaSquirt
These notes concern the use of a digital engine management system on the Murena to control ignition. At the time the Murena was built, ignition control was mechanical. Murena 2.2 is equipped with an electronic transistorised ignition system controlled by a reluctor pickup in the distributor, and this offers greater reliability and better dwell angle control than the traditional contact breaker system. Upgrading to a digital ignition system will improve control of ignition advance (particularly load based advance) and dwell, and has tuning options far better than the mechanical system.

Simple and cheap EFI for the Murena
I bought an old Murena 2.2 manifold off eBay some time ago - it came with some useful items, but I started wondering about what to use it for - and an old idea of mine came up: Electronic Fuel Injection. These notes consider how to do it in a cost-effective way! EFI can be a complicated and expensive project, but using used parts, I beleive it can be done quite cheaply.

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