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Adjustments on the 34CIC

How and where to adjust idle, CO, and accelerated idle

Idle speed

Idle speed screw sits on the front of the carburettor in the lower right corner as shown in this picture (where the carburrettor is off the car so it's better visible - in the car the screw is somewhat hidden under the choke cable and tubing:

Idle speed adjustment on the Solex 34CIC

Workshop manual instructs the idle to be adjusted to 750 RPM when warm. Please note that the revcounter in the dash may be quite a bit off, so please do not rely on that when adjusting idle. Instead connect a proper RPM counter to the minus pole of the ignition coil. Also note, that if you are running a faster cam, you might need to increase the idle RPM a bit to keep it stable.

Idle CO adjustment

Idle jet sits in the base of the carburettor and is adjusted on the left side of it. The "correct" way to adjust it is using a CO meter, where it should be adjusted to give a CO reading of 1.5% to 2.5% (according to the manual). A simpler way to adjust it is to screw it in until the engine starts running rough, then screw it out 1/4 to 1/2 turn.

Idle mixture adjustment on the Solex 34CIC

Accelerator pump adjustment

On the left side of the carburettor, where the rod that depresses on the accelerator pump is connected to the movement of the gas pedal, you will find that the rod is split in two and can be adjusted with a screw. This screw will adjust how much the diaphragm is pushed in when the throttle is depressed, thus controlling the enrichment during acceleration.

Accelerator pump adjustment on the Solex 34CIC



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