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Solex 34CIC

Here is some collected information about the Solex 34CIC carburettor in the Matra Murena 2.2. Unlike what some people tend to think, I find that the Solex 34CIC is well worth maintaining. Some choose to substitute with a Weber, and while I don't doubt that the quality of the Weber carburettors is generally better than the Solex's, the 34CIC is not bad at all and works very well, even on my Holbay Fast Road Cam, which is even a bit more aggressive than the standard S-cam.

On the pages below, I've described what I know about the 34CIC in order to help others.

How it works
The 34CIC is a Solex double barrel down draft carburettor with manual choke, accelerator pump and anti-dieseling valve. This page contains som background information about it.

Adjustments on the 34CIC
How and where to adjust idle, CO, and accelerated idle

Notes about maintenance of the Solex 34CIC carburettor. A carburettor is a precision piece of equipment which needs to be kept in good order to run well. This page documents my own experience regarding replacement of gaskets and seals on the 34CIC.

» Bernhard's description of the principle of operation of the carburettor (German)

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