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Matra Murena

Notes about Matra Murena aerodynamics
These are some notes I have assembled about aerodynamics of the Murena. The Murena has a very sleek body and low drag.

Murena gear shift linkage
Improvement of the gear shift linkage in Murena is a frequent subject for discussion among Murena owners. This article explains how the system works so that it can better be restored.

Murena electrics are simple, these notes discuss various modifications and improvements

Solex 34CIC
Here is some collected information about the Solex 34CIC carburettor in the Matra Murena 2.2.

Electronic Fuel Injection
Various notes and experiences on Electronic Fuel Injection and Digital Ignition Management for the Murena.

This page will eventually contain notes and information about the restoration of my Murena.

And this is my car...

...in very bright sunlight on a day in February.

Matra Murena 2.2

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