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Fitting a roof box

Even though the Espace is a large vehicle, it may need a roof box if you are traveling a full family with luggage. But before fitting it, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. What that is, you can read here.

roof box fitted on Espace JE

Most important to remember if you plan to fit anything to the roof bars is the special fittings that you need to fit a roof box, bicycle rack or anything else that is bolted onto the bars. The issue is that the bars are made of aluminium and are quite soft - they are easily pressed out of shape. The fittings prevent that.

Fittings for a roof box on Espace

Some Espace are fitted with a wide sunroof in the front. It slides back on rails that are sitting in the same location as the rails for the roof bars. To make it work, the rails for the roof bars have been sortened so that the front bar cannot be pushed as far forward as it can on Espace's without this feature. A reader in Norway has sent me this picture, showing the problem. There is nothing to do about it, so if you have a car with this sun roof, you will have to do with a short roof box - and a dedicated ski-box will simply not fit!

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