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Renault Espace
Renault Espace is unique and more should populate the Danish and Nordic roads. That's why I've made this web site with information about Espace, which is one of the car-history's unique creations: Concieved as a proto type in the early eighties by Matra Automobile, where it was also manufactured and developed from 1984 to 2002.

Matra Murena
The Matra Murena was the last sports car from the Matra works, and is now a true classic. It's coupé design with three seats abreast makes it very unique, and thanks to the galvanised chassis, many of the originally about 10.000 built cars are still in existince, though state obviously varies. These pages contain various experiences and knowledge I have collected.

Masquerade and Safepipe info
Support information and downloads for LASAT Masquerade and LASAT and Eicon Safepipe.

Some of our favorite recipies
This is a collection of a few recipies of food we like

Anders Dinsen
Anders' home page with family links and information.

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